In collaboration with Kids' Growing City

A 5,000 sq ft medicine wheel Permaculture garden, using permaculture principles to include native fruit trees and shrubs (such as sumac, strawberries, blueberries, and bearberries) as well as perennial vegetables such as asparagus, sunchokes, onion, etc. around the outsides and in the center to feature a medicine wheel design with cedar, sage, tobacco and sweetgrass planted and aligned with the four directions. Implementation and construction of the design as well as installation of Permaculture plants, was carried out by Cooper's Foodscaping and planting of the 4 sacred medicines was done by local elders and indigenous leaders in collaboration with Urban Indigenous Education Centre, Toronto District School Board.

The project goal was to create an educational space for the day school and groups of students camping at the outdoor education center in the area of indigenous studies as well as providing land for the indigenous communities of Toronto to grow their sacred medicines.

Design Pictures

Execution Pictures